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Product updates

Scraft shutters

The shutters I supply are made by scraft. In my opinion they are still the best on the market, hence I choose to supply them. The quality and features offered are fantastic. Scraft are always updating their product, packaging and service to keep ahead of the competition. Some of their recent updates are: The Standard…Read more >


Blackout shutters

Blackout shutters are still proving to be a very popular option.  I have written several blogs about them in the past, so if you want to read more information about them you can view the first one here and the second one here. There are now two options of Blackout shutters.  The first and original blackout shutter uses…Read more >


Shaped Shutters in Surrey

I recently fitted some shaped shutters in surrey. There was some interesting windows in this property as you can see from the photos. Curved French Doors with side lights that opened inwards. Due to the design of the recess and shape I combined a Deco frame around the curve and L frames down the side…Read more >


French Doors in Bosham

I returned to Bosham this week to fit more shutters by the sea. It was a lovely house that has just been built by Nicholas Coppin. I’ve yet to return to fit some additional shutters, but I can show you the shutters on the french doors in the bedrooms and some shuttermatch blinds. French doors are a…Read more >


My Shuttermatch woodslat blinds are proving to be really popular so I have put together a fitting video showing you how to fit a wooden blind. Shuttermatch are a wood slat blind with some features such as colour and slat size matching my range of plantation shutters. One great feature of the shuttermatch blinds are…Read more >


You can always register an account and upload pictures of your windows to get bespoke advice, or you can contact Sam direct if you have any queries about interior shutters Tel: 0844 858 4025.