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Hidden control rod

The hidden control rod option is becoming more popular, this is mainly down to the new design.

Adjusting the louvre blades on your shutters is normally done using a centre control or tilt rod.  This is a small rounded wooden rod connected to all the louvre blades by small staples so when you move it, all the louvres blades are moved too.

With the hidden control rod option, there is a hidden mechanism within the side stile of the shutter that connects all the louvre blades together.  You can adjust any of the louvre blades and they will all move.

This feature provides a modern look to your window shutters and you get a cleaner view through your shutters.  It generally looks good on larger wider shutters with large 89mm louvres.

There is an extra cost for the hidden tilt rod which is based on a sqm basis.  I have attached some photos below showing some different windows with this feature.

These doors shows some full height shutters with large 89mm blades:









This UPVC window has 3 full height shutters fitted at the front of the recess with a 3 sided bullnose Z frame.  The Z frame allows the shutter panels to wrap back around the wall.









Below is a photo showing the side of the shutter containing the hidden mechanism.









If you would like to order some window shutters with the hidden control rod option please register on my website and upload some photos of your windows for some advice.


You can always register an account and upload pictures of your windows to get bespoke advice, or you can contact Sam direct if you have any queries about interior shutters Tel: 0844 858 4025.