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Louvre shutters – blade size

Choosing the right louvre shutter blade size for your windows is important. There are 3 main sizes to choose from.

  • 47mm (Small)
  • 64mm (Medium)
  • 89mm (Large)

The small 47mm louvres are not widely used now, the small blades reduce the light and view through the shutters.  As most customers leave their shutters closed and only adjust the louvres to the let the light in, it’s better to go for a larger size.  One advantage if you do not have a deep recess is the clearance between the back of the louvre and the frame, this is bigger than the larger louvre sizes.

The most popular size is the medium 64mm louvre. This suits most windows, it’s not too small and not too large.  It lets enough light in and gives you a nice view through the shutters.  The 64mm blade is available with the hidden tilt rod and remote control option.  64mm blades do not protrude past the back edge of the standard L frames the shutters are fitted within.

For more light, and clearer view I would suggest the large 89mm louvres. These look great with the hidden control rod and provide a good view through the louvre blades when set in the horizontal position. These large blades can also come with the remote control option.  The large louvre means the back edge of the louvres would protrude past the back edge of a standard L frame.  You would need the medium sized shutter frame to ensure the louvre blades do not hit the window or handles.

Large louvres suit large windows or doors, if you have the large blades then wide single shutters look good rather than smaller bi-folded shutters.

Below are some photos showing the 3 louvre shutter sizes fitted to the same window.

47mm small louvres


64mm medium louvres


89mm large louvres

For more information on my louvre shutters or choosing the right size for your windows, please create an account on my website and upload some photos of your windows for some advice .


You can always register an account and upload pictures of your windows to get bespoke advice, or you can contact Sam direct if you have any queries about interior shutters Tel: 0844 858 4025.