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2 week shutter delivery

The 2-3 week fast track option is proving very popular at the moment. ┬áHaving raced the shutters here for the Channel Four show I fitted last week I thought I’d remind everyone about the option. The usual lead times for DIY shutters are about 7 weeks, if you have them fitted you can expect to…Read more >


Shutters before Christmas

If you want shutters delivered before Christmas you don’t have long to place your order. This year my cut off date is 21st October. As usual it’s the transport time that necessitates the early ordering, as containers fill up with the latest toys and games all winging their way to the UK shops for December….Read more >


Delivery Options

Recently there have been several updates to delivery options for house shutters, these include the part sea/part air freight option and lead times for replacement of items. The part sea/part air freight option has been discontinued, as so few customers used this option for delivery I doubt it will be missed. I can only think…Read more >


You can always register an account and upload pictures of your windows to get bespoke advice, or you can contact Sam direct if you have any queries about interior shutters Tel: 0844 858 4025.