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Project Description

Centre Control Rod Sample Shutter

Centre Rods

The control rod or push rod is the rounded rod running up the middle of the interior shutter, connecting the louvre blades, and is used to tilt the louvre blades up and down in unison. It’s 11.5mm wide x 16mm deep with a round top and is connected to the louvre blades by stainless steel staples.  These staples are larger than most staples used in shutter construction, so they do not fall out. They are generally operated by hand, but if your window is high up they can be operated by a pole or remote control.
Window shutters with off set control rods

Off Set Rods

You can choose to offset the control rods from the centre of the plantation shutter to the left or right. This allows a clearer view when louvres are open. Used mainly for shapes to allow more of the louvre blades to be operated. The control rod will be set 25mm from the edge of the louvre blades on each shutter. If you have glazing bars that fall in the centre of the window, consider a centre control rod to match them or we can match the control rod to the glazing bead position.Off set rods are a free of charge option
Window shutter panel with hidden tilt rod

Hidden Rods

You can choose to hide the control rods on the medium (64mm) and large (89mm) louvred shutters with a hidden mechanism called the Silent tilt rod. Not available for small louvres (47mm). Note, this option is an extra cost per sqm. Shutters over the height of approx. 1218mm will need to have the hidden tilt mechanism split.  You do not visually see the split but it allows you to operate the louvres independently either side of the split providing extra privacy options. The louvres are connected together by a clever mechanism hidden within the side stile. No metal rods at the back of the shutter required! Tilting the louvre blades is done by moving one or two blades by hand, this will tilt all the louvres within that section.
Window shutter with the curved control rod option

Curved Rods

When you have a fan top shutter the louvres can be operated individually or with a curved control rod. The curved rod creates a lovely smooth way to open and close the louvres. When you move the rod it controls all the louvres connected to it, this is a chargeable option.
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