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Project Description

Easy Reading

Radio remote control shutters are easily controlled with a hand held remote from the comfort of your sofa.

They are great for high windows, hallways, over stairs or for the elderly.

Fitted in the same simple way as our other shutter products. They are priced per shutter or per louvred section (i.e. adding a horizontal rail will double the remote cost because you end up with two louvred sections per panel.)

Programming features

  • Control different sections of louvres with one remote.

Battery or Solar

  • You can choose between these two options when ordering shutters online.  A good quality battery lasts up to a year with daily use.

Hidden tilt rods

  • Only available with the hidden tilt rod option.

Technical Stuff

The battery operated electric shutters have wider side stiles to make room for the battery pack and motor.

Radio frequency hand held remote, colour coordinated battery case, with solar option.  There are no exposed wires behind the panels, they are all hidden away.

Available in:

  • All shutters (not ABS)
  • Full height & shaped designs
  • 64mm and 89mm louvres blades

Comes with:

  • Hidden tilt only
  • 57mm wide stiles

Limitations are:

  • Minimum height 457mm
  • Maximum height with a rail 3000mm
  • Max height without a rail 1981mm
  • Minimum height with a rail 990mm
  • Maximum single hung width 1047mm
  • Maximum by-folded width 660mm


The battery operated motor turns a single central louvre blade, the louvre blades are all connected via the control rod so they will operate together.

The remote is radio controlled and can be programmed to operated 5 groups of unlimited motorised sections and has these additional features:

  • Panels can be controlled individually or all together.
  • Transmits up to 20 metres indoors with obstacles.
  • The remote powers up using vibration sensing technology
  •  Smart battery indicator warning light
  • Extra remote controls can be ordered if required.
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