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TV Shows

60MM Bay Window Shutters

I filmed another 60MM (60 minute makeover) a few weeks ago where we fitted shutters for a programme in the new series which will be on air later in the year. Having done a number of TV show I am starting to feel like an old hand. However, this was the first time I have…Read more >


Shutters on The Home Show

If you read my blog you will know that I recently provided shutters for Channel 4’s The Home Show as part of the latest series. The lady who owns the home being ‘made over’ specifically requested shutters, and with the final design complete the house now looks stunning. If you want to see the finished…Read more >


New Multishade Blinds

Sunway blinds will shortly be bringing out a new collection called Multishade. This is an innovative new collection as the blind rotates the fabric around a bottom bar, allowing two parallel sets of fabric to cross over each resulting in different light levels entering the room. This is a new alternative to nets and curtains,…Read more >


New Luxaflex blinds

Luxaflex have brought out a new range of Metal Venetian Luxaflex blinds. One of the reasons I choose to use Luxaflex as my blind supplier is that they continue to bring out new products and innovative designs. MegaView Blind The new blind looks like a standard 25mm blind, but it uses a technology that sticks…Read more >


Shutters for Channel 4 The Home Show

Last week I filmed an episode for the Channel 4’s The Home Show. I was asked to provide shutters for the show a month ago, which meant air freighting them to ensure they arrived in time for the filming. This is the first time I have provided shutters for Channel 4’s The Home Show, and…Read more >


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