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How to fit


Along with our detailed fitting guides, you can receive expert help and advice from Sam. If you have sent Sam photos of your windows, he can provide any extra help you might need. Within our guides, Sam provides in depth advice on fitting into wooden windows, brick, plasterboard, concrete and metal lintels. You [...]


DIY Shutter Kit


For quick and easy all-in-one assembly & fitting. No mess, quick & easy fitting. Screws are hidden behind removable inserts strips. Adjustable with drop in hinge pin. Magnets and light reduce light Screws are supplied with frames. Any design, shape or feature available DIY [...]


Shutter Types

The design and look of each type of shutter is similar. The main difference between them all is what material they are made from, this affects the size they can be made, room they are suitable for and the cost. If your looking for a quick turnaround, we offer a fast track service [...]


Locks & Catches

Locks Small flush bolts can be pre-fitted into the stiles of the shutter. 50mm stiles required with optional top & bottom positions, priced per bolt. Catches Front mounted pull rings can be pre-fitted to the stile of your shutter. 50mm wide stiles are required, they are priced per ring pull. [...]



Easy Reading Battens are ordered as an extra and are normally used to space the L frame away from any window handles. The battens are fitted around the inside of the window reveal or recess, to create a flat wooden sub frame you can attach the shutter frame to. This sub frame ensures the louvres [...]



, ,

Easy Reading Battens are required on most Double Glazed windows to space the shutter frame and louvres away from the large plastic handle. They are supplied in the same colour as the shutter Battens are simple to fit - Watch my video below to see how easy or download the 1.3 measuring guide. Standard battens: [...]


Square Bays


Easy Reading Square bays are very easy to measure and fit battens to as you are only dealing with right angles. The shutter frames are connected at the corners with square battens and with UPVC square bays battens are also needed to space the frame away from the handles. Technical Stuff You can order [...]


Round Bays

Easy Reading Round UPVC bay windows require battens the same as flat windows. They are fitted the same way as flat windows, they just need the ends mitred so they can fit around the angles. Technical Stuff Deeper battens such as 40mm will be better on round bay windows as larger height deductions are [...]


Angled Bays

Easy Reading Typical UPVC bay windows can require battens all round the window. They fit and work in the same way as flat windows. Angled battens are used to connect the frames together at the corners and to fit the shutter frames onto the window. Technical Stuff Extra height is deducted from bay shutter [...]


Air Vents

Easy Reading Removing the vent Air vents can be removed and the battens fitted directly to the window. Keeping the vent To keep the vents, battens can but cut out around it. The frame can then be fitted straight onto the battens. Technical Stuff Check the depth of the vent in the open and [...]




The 'folding' of window shutters relate to the number of shutters across the window and how you would like them to open.  Below, you can find information about the folding for windows, tracks and shapes and photos showing each example. 'The secret is to match the number of shutters to the number of sections in [...]


Louvre Sizes

This has changed over the years and increased as louvres and shutters got larger. It's now between the 76mm and 89mm louvre, the size chosen depends on your window style and layout. Large modern UPVC windows are generally fitted with large 89mm louvres. Yes, they adjusted by moving the central control [...]


Shutter Frames


Frames surround the actual shutter panels, they are the part that gets fixed to the window or wall and the shutters then open within the frame. Each frame has a different design and purpose, find a quick overview of the main designs on this page,  click through to the technical information to find frame sizes on [...]




MDF Colours 001 Pure White 003 Silk White 004 Bright White 006 Pearl 009 Creamy 001 Pure white is standard colour and is the brightest white. Wood Colours 001 Pure White 002 Extra White 003 Silk White 004 Bright White 006 Pearl 007 Ivory Lace 008 Marshmallow 009 Creamy 011 Cameo 012 [...]


Horizontal rail

Easy Reading  The horizontal middle rail divides the louvre blades in half and allows the louvre blades to be operated independently either side of that middle rail. Available for all types of shutters. On high windows, the rail is used to strengthen the shutter. The width of the rail is normally 76mm wide.   Customised [...]

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