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Product changes

New shutter type added to the range

From January 2013 the new Standard Lite shutter has been added to our range. A lightweight, combination of LDF and ABS with a sprayed finish that bridges the gap between the Standard and Standard Plus shutters. Standard Lite are available in the usual range of frames and shutter designs but come in a wider range…Read more >


White Teak window shutters

White Teak is now being used in our Elite Plus shutters.  White Teak will replace Basswood, there is similar range and the material is similar to Basswood. It’s smooth, lightweight and strong so perfect for manufacturing window shutters. White Teak shutters are part of the scraft range called Sumatra.  They still have engineered stiles that provide maximum…Read more >


New Shutter Hinges

Following customer feedback our shutters will now feature a new range of shutter hinges with immediate effect. The new shutter hinges will be much stronger than the existing range and will no longer need the screw top hinge pins, as they are slightly smaller (60mm) than the current hinge (76mm) and will be repositioned so…Read more >


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