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Shutter Design

Shutters v blinds

Which is best… shutters or blinds? Well, there is no right answer if it comes down to personal choice … but does it? When you are thinking of a window dressing you may ask yourself ‘Am I thinking about what look’s good, how much can I afford, why do I want something on the window…Read more >


Window Blinds

Window blinds can offer privacy, keep the heat in or out and cut down on noise and light.  They can come in the form or woodslat blinds or wooden plantation shutters. The woodslat option is the cheapest, they are easy to measure and easy to fit. They are available in 3 main slat sizes, 35, 50 and…Read more >


My Shuttermatch woodslat blinds are proving to be really popular so I have put together a fitting video showing you how to fit a wooden blind. Shuttermatch are a wood slat blind with some features such as colour and slat size matching my range of plantation shutters. One great feature of the shuttermatch blinds are…Read more >


Shuttermatch Wooden Blinds

I have always offered wooden blinds on my website for a number of reasons, but primarily because they are extremely popular as they are a similar style to shutters but at a much lower cost. They also blend well with shutters if you don’t want shutters in all your rooms. I wanted to be able…Read more >


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