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Project Description

Easy Reading

The Deco frame is a decorative shutter frame that look more like a picture frame, designed to fit directly onto the wall.

This is the type of frame is suggest for inward opening windows or doors.

It can surround the recess and allow the window to open inwards.

The benefits:

  • Very easy fitting
  • Hidden fixing holes
  • Built in back stops with adjustable hinges
  • 3 or 4 sided options.
  • Bottom sill plate option

When to choose this frame?

  • Inward opening windows
  • To fold shutters back to the wall
  • Shallow recess

Technical Stuff

The Deco frame is 67mm wide and can be fitted so that it overlaps the window recess slightly or sits back from the edge.


This frame is measured to the outside of the frame.
Measure the recess and then add on the amount of overlap you require. 50mm for the light block to overhang, 72mm to keep the recess totally free.


The hidden insert feature is not available for curved windows.

Build outs

Build outs on this frame are 50.8mm wide as standard, they do not cover the whole back secton like other frames.



If you have skirting board, you can measure the frame so that the light block of the frame covers the cut section of skirting board.

This is a good frame for the skirting board to fit against due to the added side depth.

Louvre protrusion

  • Small 47mm louvres – 3.5mm
  • Medium 64mm louvre – 12mm
  • Large 89mm louvre – 25mm

(The amount of louvre blade that protrudes past the back edge of the frame)

View the technical template above for more details.

Deco frame with 47mm blade
Deco frame with 64mm blade
Deco frame with 89mm blade
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